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Hi, I'm Cat. 


I like swimming in the sea, eating too much cake, and explaining why cats are better than dogs and sharks are better than everything.  But one of my all-time favourite things to do is hang out with the amazing youth group at LifePoint Church.  Youth is great because we're like a mini family that gets to have lots of fun together, from big social nights to small group meet ups.  We look out for each other, learn from each other, play pranks on each other... and figure out life and faith together.   

If you're aged 11-18 and would like to get involved, just get in touch! 


LP Youth have 3 main events:

  • Lifegroups 

  • Socials 

  • Youth teaching and worship sessions

We also do youth camp once a year, youth and family activities, and one off events like parenting teenagers evenings.

To get a feel for what Youth is like, the best people to ask are the youth themselves. So...

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“Youth is a family that will never truly be gone. Anyone who comes along to youth always has positive responses after being there. Sunday meetings with the youth are incredible, while learning about God interactively we are free to ask questions or respond to anyone else. After coming along to youth for a while, my friend decided she wanted to come along to church on Sundays. LifePoint youth is a group of people with amazing hearts who have a passion for God and that has changed my life completely.”

Image by Jordan McQueen
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“LifePoint youth is fun, engaging and a great place to ask and discover more about God. Youth social is a great place to relax and have fun, cell is a good place to learn about the bible in depth and relax as just guys. Youth on Sunday is a mix of both but focuses more on God with us. A mix of all of them makes a great connection with learning about God and having cool, engaging leaders makes it all easier,in short, LifePoint youth is great.”

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“LifePoint youth is a great place with a community that is irreplaceable. Youth is filled with so many free young people who want to use their lives for God. On Sunday the youth have their own service run by our leaders. There are games and activities, sometimes there is worship and always a word given by one of the leaders. This is an amazing place to learn more about God and discover what God wants for you. We have seen God work through the youth and we have seen how the youth have grown. I have made some amazing memories that have changed my life forever and I’m looking forward for what is to come in the future.”

We would love you to come and check us out. Contact Cat Hooton at for more information.

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